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Who Are We?

Cedric making the daily rounds.
* This is only a depiction of Cedric.

At McPherson Acres, we are about growing food naturally and organically. We do this to promote good health with a feel-good lifestyle. Our family relies on what God provides for a healthy and fulfilling life, and this is what we want to share with you. From the dirt we work to the animals we care for, natural, organic, and provided by God to sustain your family and life.


Gena watering her Microgreens.
* This is only a depiction of Gena.

You’re not the only one if you haven’t heard of “Microgreens” yet. What are they? These are just your standard vegetables harvested in the development stage after the sprout stage. New scientific studies have shown Microgreens to be up to forty times more nutrient-dense than mature plants. If you want to try some or get more information about Microgreens, click the button below!